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Health club in which you want to return

"PBS" Engineering & Build Company" has indicative experience in designing sports and recreation complexes.

Huge gyms, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, comfortable pad for playing any game sport - in one place.

A professional approach to every square meter will give preference to the use of the entire area of ​​the building.

Calculation of the visitors flow, the relationship between the individual facilities, modern equipment, all of these will easily create optimal operation process and provide comfort stay.

 We are happy to fulfill the following parameters in the production of project documentation:

- individual style facility;

- comfort of visitors and staff;

- rational use of every square meter;

- modern engineering systems;

- professional design solutions;

- compliance with all sanitary standards;

- applying the latest science and technology;

At each stage of the design you get the help of professionals who have experience around the complex building design.

We can help to develop, coordinate and accompany the project fully until the end of construction.

Design with "PBS" Engineering & Build Company" professionals!

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