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Designing buildings is the process of developing the best design solutions to meet the goals of production.

Each industry has its own specific characteristics which require individual development, unique technological solutions. Each manufacturing facility has its own needs, location, range of products, equipment needs, specific production process.

We design complex industrial buildings. Integrated design is the development, approval and support all stages of the project.

The entire complex design aimed at optimizing and adapting architectural, construction, engineering design solutions to the requirements of functionality and production processes envisaged in the period of operation of the company.

Our task is to produce project documentation strictly relevant norms and standards containing materials in text form and in the form of drawings and diagrams. Define the architectural, functional and technological, design and engineering solutions for the construction or reconstruction of capital construction.

"PBS" Engineering & Build Company" experience includes design of production facilities located on the territory of 200 hectares and the total area of ​​production facilities 400 000 m2

Our Technology Department, which is part of the company is now one of the largest in the country to implement technological solutions for the construction of different directions.

Since pre-project proposals, you get professional assistance of the technological department which develop technological challenges and package of drawings that experts use on other parts of the design development.

We offer a full range of development planning, which includes design implementation stages:

- Draft project;

- Pre-proposals (the concept of the facility);

- Feasibility study (technical and economic analysis);

- Project;

- Working draft;

- Working documents;

We are ready to develop design solutions that fit your goals.

Choose the preferred quality design with "PBS" Engineering & Build Company"!

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